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Pair Programming

What is pair programming?

Pair programming is an innovative method of coding that involves two individuals who switch off between different roles, the "driver", who focuses on writing the code, and the "navigator", who reviews the code and offers recommendations.

What are the advantages of pair programming?

Better Code:
Pair programming allows programmers to catch problems with their code much quicker as the navigator is free to think of any issues that may arise. Additionally, while the driver is coding the navigator is free to think of stylistic and functional changes that can make the code more readable, efficient, and adaptable.

Collaborative Learning:
Pair programming is an excellent way for programmers to share their knowledge. The navigator can offer a new method that the driver may not have thought of and vice versa. This collaborative effort enables the free flow of thoughts and ideas developing the skills of both programmers.

What are the disadvantages of pair programming?

As the name implies, pair programming requires two individuals, and currently, it is often difficult to work with another programmer leaving only the traditional method. However, Coding Cabin solves this problem, offering programmers easy access to connect with friends or other passionate computer scientists.